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Joshua Chase 

 Local Client

"When I joined Hammer this year I was out of shape and out of a routine. I finally reached a place where I knew I would need help to reach my goals. Hammer is not only helping me reach my goals. They have helped me create new ones. Between the customized workouts, nutritional planning, and superior personal training, I am on my way to a stronger, healthier me. I have finally found a place that cares just as much as I do about my progress.

Kelly Deinstadt

 Sponsored Athlete

"Thank you Hammer Fitness and Sports Performance for pushing me to my full potential, supporting me daily, and giving me the best gift you can ever give which is consistently believing in me. You are more than a gym. You are my relief after a bad day and a reminder of what a commitment to a healthy mind and body are all about. I would not be the same had I not been blessed enough to find you and I am beyond grateful!"

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