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There are many benefits to corporate or small group training. When people start exercising in a group, they establish positive relationships, help motivate each other and make friends with other people in the group. Is corporate fitness training right for your company? Absolutely, but we understand you may have some questions.

We don’t have an on-site gym in our building. How can we still utilize your business for support in corporate health?

In order for us to help your company, all we need is a space to utilize. Our trainers are able to bring any portable equipment needed and will also incorporate body weight training that will increase their heart rate and get their blood flowing. Our business desires to make it as convenient as possible and give your employees a great experience while reaching their health and wellness goals.



I am interested in incorporating Hammer Fitness and Wellness into our company, but I am not ready for a long term commitment. What can you offer?

We understand the initial hesitance of starting something new in your company, so we offer a 3 month trial. If you are not happy with the results or experience with us, then you can cancel with no strings attached.



What time of day can classes be provided?



We will offer training and classes before work, during lunch, and after work to accommodate the needs of employees’ time and schedules.


How do I know if employees will participate or be interested?



Before you decide to incorporate Hammer Fitness and Wellness program into your company, we will provide you with an employee survey. The survey will give you feedback on your employees’ interest in the program. Most employees are more likely to work out of at the work place because it is convenient and limits extra travel time to and from work.


Other than training, what else does Hammer Fitness and Wellness offer?



Hammer Fitness and Wellness will offer health coaching to individuals on nutrition and healthy eating habits. Provide relaxing and mind calming classes, such as, yoga and Pilates. Sponsor and facilitate health days and seminars.

How will having a corporate wellness plan help my business?

There have been various studies which show that better health equals better performance. By investing in your employees’ health and well-being you can expect a better work productivity, a decrease in sick leave, an increase in morale, and a lower cost in health insurance.

How do I sign up for Hammer Fitness and Wellness to come to my company?

We have made it very easy for you to get your company signed up. You can call our office to register your business, send the registration form in the mail, or have us come to you and register your company in person. Call or email us to let us know the best way to get you registered!

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