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bridal bootcamp

Congratulations! You are getting married and its time to fit in that dress. Now the real work begins. Every Bride wants to be in the greatest shape of their life for their wedding day! You will look back on this day forever, we want to make sure you look your best!



Our Bridal program incorporates boot camp style circuit training as well as target days focusing on specific muscle groups. The intensity of this program gradually increases as the days go on, so we can make sure you look spectacular on your wedding day!

All packages can include private training, meal plans, at home workouts and maintenance strategy:


Bridal Package

Bride and Bridesmaid Package

Bride and Groom Package

Bridal Boot camp Success Story

"I cannot thank you enough for pushing and encouraging me in the busiest season of my life. I don't know if I could have toned and shaped with ya'll taking me in and pushing me. I was at the capacity of every area of my life. School, church, and planning a wedding. I really needed the help to stay focused and motivated on how I look for the biggest day of my life. I love ya'll. Thank you for being so generous with your time and willingness to work with me! I am blown away by my wedding photos!"

-Ariel Crook

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